On-Demand Outsourced Writing Projects

All of your content written from one source—Tee up our freelancers with your own ideas, or catch their next great pitch.

You control your brand, but we do all the work. Pitsh freelancers complete affordable on-demand writing projects whenever you need them—plus pitch great ideas for you to approve.

It's a home-run every time!

End-to-End Composition

Idea Generation

Original Concepts At Scale

Submit your idea list, or let our freelancers pitch you creative concepts.

Accept the ideas you love, and we’ll get to work right away.

Produce more articles, faster, at lower cost and with less effort. Focus on strategy, not execution.


Affordable and Quick

Pitsh freelancers produce publishing-ready work at fair, fixed-rate prices.

We source images, embed links, suggest captions, focus in on keywords, and follow any brand guidelines you provide.

Scale production without soliciting bids, interviewing applicants, or taking on additional risks and liabilities.

Editorial Review

Professionally Done

Every idea and article is reviewed and optimized by a digital content expert, before it lands on your desk.

You only pay for content that passes our review, and yours.

Stop buying low-quality off-shored content. Start building a content team staffed by talented local writers and editors.


Your Own Freelance Team

Any Scale of Engagement

A few soft lobs, or a barrage of fastballs

Maintain production but prevent overspend: Pitsh puts you in control. Any budget. Any volume.

Start something new, top up your existing efforts, or open the floodgates.

Knock your goals out of the park: Produce specialized content that feeds your go-to-market strategy, increase organic traffic, improve conversion rates, or focus on your reputation.

With Strategy and Advice

Free For All Accounts

Your dedicated account manager will help you implement best practices including funnel design, content optimization, and technical setup.

Already know what you need? Pitsh uses your feedback from each submission to inform production on the next one.

Imagine: A fully outsourced content production team, for less than the cost of one new hire.

The Content You Want

Rates vary by scale of engagement

For Tech Brands

We know B2B SaaS audiences.

Get optimized content, in your niche, written by native English speakers who appreciate your brand and positioning.

Scale your strategy, or expand your marketing content library and support knowledge base.

For Media Properties

Stop trying to pass press releases. Your audience knows better, and so do you.

Accept pitches from hundreds of freelance writers in one centralized place, only approve the concepts you love, and get polished content that has already been through a round of editorial.

For Local Retail

Conquer your market. Produce the valuable, relevant, and optimized content that your customers are looking for.

Articles written for all major content management systems, including WordPress, Wix, Hubspot, Squarespace, Shopify, Expression Engine, Drupal, and more.

For Marketing Managers

How much more could you accomplish if you outsourced mundane writing tasks?

Focus on good content marketing and a good organic strategy. Let Pitsh handle the writing.

For Supervising Editors

Engage your audience with well-written original content at an affordable price.

Backfill production with ghost-written “staff” content, or build audiences and brands around regular contributors.

For Business Operators

You need to market to grow and maintain your business. But new headcount means new risks.

Not sure where to start? Let's have a chat, set up your Pitsh account, and make sure you have the strategy and the assets you need to be successful.