Why Source Marketing Content from Pitsh.com?

Sometimes it seems like managing freelancers is a full time job, and still expectations never meet reality. Pitsh wants to change that.

Pitsh handles the idea generation, content creation, editing, and payments. You push the work out where you need to.

Listen, I hear you.

There are hundreds of online content marketing platforms, and all of them are flawed.

When you want to hire freelancers, often the process of hiring takes more time than just doing the work yourself.

You receive hundreds of bids asking for outrageous sums of money, you can’t trust that anybody is who they say they are, and the quality of work never lives up to their promises.

Often, between coming up with ideas for what to write, and re-writing the error-ridden off-brand content that freelancers deliver to you, it can seem like managing freelancers is a full-time job.

marketer with cellphone

You’re probably already responsible for:

  • Drafting your business’ blog posts
  • Coming up new social media content
  • Writing email newsletters
  • Updating your website
  • Editing marketing videos
  • And a whole lot more

That seems like a lot. But you’re also expected to:

  • Distribute all of that content
  • Engage in the conversation around it
  • Assess its performance
  • Maximizing the return on your investments
  • And help out in a million other ways

So your to-do list can grow uncomfortably long uncomfortably quickly. There’s just not enough time in the day.

But the alternatives aren’t any better:

Professional PR and advertising agencies can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars every month, and still demand hours and hours of your time. Yet when you ask them to work independently, they lose track of your business’ voice, and seem to produce work just to show you that they’ve produced work.

It’s like expectations never meet reality. That’s where Pitsh.com comes in.

Our goal is really simple. We produce the engaging, SEO-rich marketing content your company craves, but without the administrative headaches that slow you down.

With Pitsh, there are no time-consuming phone calls, no inflated egos, and no loose cannons eroding your brand. Our pre-approved team of quality local creators pitch you content, and if you like it, you accept the work.

Easy as pie.

With Pitsh, there’s no monthly service fees, no minimum purchase amounts, and no constant cycle of generating new ideas, soliciting bids, and evaluating proposals.

We handle the idea generation, content creation, editing, and payments. You push the work out where you want to, when you want to, so that you can focus your time on strategy and metrics, not editing and meetings.

After years of working as a Content Strategist, but hopping from content marketplace to content marketplace and never finding one that fit my needs, this sounds pretty good to me.

I hope it sounds good to you, too. Won’t you give it a try?