Why Write for Pitsh.com?

There are a million online content marketing platforms, and all of them are flawed. Pitsh wants to change that.

Pitsh gets rid of freelance headaches.

Look, I get it.

There are a million online content marketing platforms, and all of them are flawed:

  • Often wages are too low, expectations are unreasonable, and payment takes forever.
  • Some platforms want a greater cut of your money in order to get paid on time.
  • With others it isn’t clear if you’ll ever get paid at all.
  • On many content marketplaces, a million low-quality offshore workers undercut your pricing
  • Usually the bidding competition means you have to apply for hundreds of projects in order to get accepted to do any work.

You might spend 80% of your time chasing work, 15% of your time trying to collect payments, and just 5% of your time actually writing.

Whether you write on Upwork, Textbroker, Constant Content, or somewhere else, you’re almost certainly familiar with the headaches that come from working as an online freelance writer.

freelance marketing writer

I get it, because I’ve been there too.

Pitsh wants to change all of that.

Pitsh operates more like a premium advertising agency than like a content mill:

Clients who want to accelerate their marketing pre-pay for content credits, accept fixed-price work that fits their brands, and receive a finished product that’s ready to go.

With Pitsh, you’ll never compete for work, because the number of bids is never greater than the marketing budget. If the client likes the idea, and the writing quality is good, the project gets a green light, every time. The ideas come from you, the freelance content marketer, so you can feel confident in your ability to get the work done.

Whether you want to work only to occasionally supplement your income, to fill up your weekends, or as a full-time job, Pitsh’s objective is to maintain the balance between writers and clients:

New writers are only accepted onto the platform when client demand is strong, and new clients are only accepted onto the platform when there are enough quality writers to service their needs.

By focusing on a small team of skilled creators, instead of a massive army of drones with typewriters, Pitsh promises to bring you a reputable marketplace, that is transparent and gives you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to payments, while individually reviewing your contributions, providing quality edits without demeaning disciplinary processes, and recognizing excellent contributions when you make them.

That sounds pretty good to me. I hope it sounds good to you, too. Won’t you join us?