Your Outsourced Writing Team

Pitsh is a tech-enabled outsourced writing service using a managed marketplace model

What does that mean?

Articles and Content When You Need Them

Pitsh is the first self-service managed marketplace for online content with no bidding and no volume requirements.
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For content marketers and publishers

  • 🎯  Talented local creators pitch concepts that match your brand
  • 🛡️  Only pay for what you like: Decline ideas that don’t work
  • 💵  Save time and money

Leverage the benefits of outsourced content creation without having to put in time and effort to recruit talent, negotiate bids, monitor progress, or correct errors. All driven through a single easy-to-use self-service web interface.

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For writers and content creators

  • 🎨  Spend more time working, and less time competing for work
  • ✊  Creator-friendly terms and conditions make sure you always get paid fast
  • 💰  Supplement your income, or make Pitsh your primary focus

We carefully manage writer numbers to make sure that there’s always work available when you need it. As a Pitsh creator, you can expect a stable roster of clients who like the work you do, and friendly editors who want to help you perform your best.

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